Systems Planning

The following observations characterize the state
of automation in today's business community:

   • Computers are pervasive.
   • Businesses are completely dependent on their automation.
   • Automation is acquired, installed, and operated in a piecemeal fashion,
      rather than as a result of comprehensive planning.
   • Full time, highly specialized in-house talent is unaffordable.
   • Automation resources are underutilized.
   • Senior managers lack computer expertise.
Ask yourself:

   • Does business determine the direction and scope of your automation, or ...
   • Is your automation limiting the direction and scope of your business?
   • Do you have a clear picture of your automation?
   • Are you maximizing the use of your computer resources?

   • Poor design choices cause problems that persist even after a system
     has been replaced.
   • Mismatches between your automation and the way you do business cause
     continuing frustration.
   • Inefficient setups sap both personnel and equipment of their full performance
Our Goal
     is to empower senior business executives to fully exploit their existing computer resources and take control of their future automation.

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