Software Engineering and Software Development

There's an old saying:
"Do you want it Fast, Good, or Affordable?
    ... Pick two."

At Paradigm Systems, we say, "Take all three."
There is no substitute for experience
   We share your frustration with developers who propose more than they can deliver, who use your time and money to train new hires, and who cite the firm's ex-
tensive experience but then provide staff who have little experience. We provide only highly qualified professionals, and that saves both you and us time and money in the long run.
Give us 3 days
   We will put together a proof-of-principle / prototype at no risk and no cost to you. Then decide if you want to hire us.
   How can we afford to do that? Only because we never fail. We do in days what others do in months. We know that once you see the quality of our work, you'll want us on your team.
   Now when others insist on a signed contract before they'll risk any work, what does that tell you about what they think about their abilities?
How good are we?
Good enough to win a National Award.
Good enough to provide you with references.
We eliminate all risk on your part
   If you do not like what we develop, we do not bill
you - it's that simple.
   We deliver so quickly that you have plenty of time to refine the requirements and enhance the system.
   How can we afford to take these risks? Only because we have never failed.
We develop custom applications
in days, not months
We reduce the requirements phase:
   • Real need is assessed through discussions with users,
     information systems support, and management.
   • Mock-up prototype is quickly developed and presented.
   • User feedback is incorporated.
We reduce the development phase:
   • The prototype, with comments, becomes an unambiguous
   • User interface is already substantially done.
We reduce the acceptance/fielding phase:
   • Users are already familiar with the product.
   • Users view themselves as "stake holders" in the success
      of the system.
We are experts in your environment
   Web-based applications, stand-alone systems, database systems, distributed systems... no problem. Languages? If you've heard of it, we've probably programmed in it.
   What that means is that we aren't stuck on one approach to all engagements. We use whatever is the best fit, and can adapt to your in-house standards and preferences.

Paradigm Systems delivers
   We offer strong qualifications. Breadth as well as depth of understanding are essential to success. Our staff represent an extraordinary degree of maturity, experience, and expertise, positioned to deliver a comprehensive, timely solution to your needs.

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