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* a leader rated by:
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all Team members
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Traditional Objections to 360 Surveys

360 degree feedback is the best way to determine what people really think about you, but only if they give honest answers. That's difficult to get people to do. Most 360 instruments fail because participants worry that their responses will be traced back to them. So they provide inflated, cautious comments to generic management questions instead of meaningful feedback to competencies specific to your buisness.

Self-Boss-Peer-Team gets honest feedback by guaranteeing anonymity.

Self-Boss-Peer-Team is effective because it is tailored to your business.
Other types of instruments may claim to measure your skills, abilities, even personality traits, but they don't measure how others perceive you. That is what 360 degree feedback does, and S-B-P-T is the most effective 360 degree feedback system there is!
Problem: Solution:

It is human nature to be reluctant to tell someone about his or her faults. For Team members or Peers, there may even be fear of reprisals.

It is impossible to identify individual responses
Only consolidated responses are saved.
Responses are encrypted.
Results cannot be viewed until all
    responses have been obtained.
Viewing of results is password-protected.

Traditional assessment tools rely on paper surveys, sent in to a scoring agency, then returned. They are disruptive, and time-consuming.

The system administers the survey for you.
Everything is done on-line, whenever each
      person finds most convenient.
Sequence and pace are completely flexible
No paper is involved except for optionally printing
      the final report.

Dealing with third parties, and keeping track of progress and participation is a nuisance

You select participants.
No external resources are required
You can constantly monitor progress without
      contacting participants.

Surveys never seem to exactly fit an organization. Every group has specific competencies.

You can "brand" the surveys with your company
      logo name.
You can change the system with your own
      categories, questions, and other options.

Surveys just give a "report card" score, with no help for self improvement.

Relating results back to Boss and Self priorities
      is an S-B-P-T exclusive.
Anonymous comments ensure that nothing
      is held back.
Company or consultant can include links for
      follow-up training or interview.

Reports are dull and tedious to use. Managers don't value the results

Many different views are offered.
Results are self-norming to the group.
Alignment with Boss priorities is both engaging
      and irrefutable.

Surveys are expensive, and it takes a long time to get the results.

You can expect to pay $75 - $150 for assessment
      surveys that take weeks to set up, administer,
      and get back. But since S-B-P-T is fully
      automated, we pass the savings on to you!