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* a leader rated by:
a Boss,
all Peers,
all Team members
... all that is included
in the price of
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Introduction to S-B-P-T

is a "360-degree feedback survey." That means that it profiles an individual by considering how he or she performs in the viewpoint of those all around. This includes the opinion of the person's Boss, Peers, Team members, and even the individual's own Self assessment.

It is human nature to be reluctant to tell someone about his or her faults. For Team members or Peers, there may even be fear of reprisals. Even if anonymity is assured, there is often the concern that responses meant to help the subject improve will instead just be used by the organization as a "report card."

Click on the links to the left to find out how S-B-P-T overcomes these and other traditional objections to 360 surveys, to learn how configurable it is, and to see its unique features.