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Why are there limits on how long the survey remains open?
We can't keep surveys open forever. There is a lot of maintenance done for active surveys. That's why we ask you to close a survey after a specified period of time.

Why are there limits on the number of respondents, questions, and demographics?
Our comprehensive statistical analysis is computationally intensive, and is proportional to the factors above. The limits reflect a pro-rata pricing based on the service provided. We will be happy to increase those limits as required.

Why can't I change the survey after it's started?
Responses are stored against the questions asked. If you change the question, or the responses, then early responses no longer match up.

I have special requirements that don't seem to be met by PuseCheck. Can you help?
We sure can. We are known for being able to tailor things to suit the customers' needs, we do it fast. and our work is unconditionally guaranteeed. Give us a call.