ABCD Savings and Loan
Customer Satisfaction Survey

Thank you for taking part in this PulseCheck
survey. Your responses are not traceable to you -
they are collected only as totals. We solicit your
honest feedback. Please answer all questions, and
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1.  What is your sex / gender? (pick one)

2.  How old are you? (pick one)
under 20
 20 - 40
 41 - 60
 over 60

3.  How long have you had an account at ABCD Savings and Loan? (pick one)
Less than 1 year
 1- 2  years
 more than 2 years

4.  How satisfied are you with our new hours?
 Very Statisfied
 No Opinion
 Strongly Disatisfied

5.  How do you make transactions most of the time? (select one)

For the next two questions, answer the way that you felt when you decided to open an account with our bank.

6.  Fees at the bank are fair. (pick one)

7.  Services are comprehensive. (pick one)

For the next two questions, answer the way that you feel now.

8.  Fees at the bank are fair. (pick one)

9.  Services are comprehensive. (pick one)

10.  How would you rank the following in order of importance to you, with 1 being the most imortant? (place one number in each box)
 Checking account
Savings account
 Money market account
 Safe deposit box

11.  Which of the following accounts do you have? (pick all that apply)
 Money Market
 Safe deposit

12.  Briefly, what do you feel should be brought to the attention of the branch manager?

                                      Please click the Submit button when you are done.