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Don't just document failure - promote success.

   Most performance assessment tools come into play too late. All they can do is document what has already happened. There is value in that, but wouldn't it be better to provide a roadmap to success? That's what GoalTender does for you and your managers.    
   Even managers who are good at giving clear, specific direction on a daily basis often have a hard time describing long-term objectives, priorities, and standards. GoalTender helps by providing a structured format that facilitates this process.
   We provide a structure that you may find fits perfectly. On the other hand, no two companies are the same. Moreover, you may have an existing or planned overeall methodology for how you want to guide managers. GoalTender allows you to tailor the structure to your specific preferences (learn more about customizing here).
   To ensure that managers are creating effective goals, the administrator is able to review goals to see where assistance may be required, and to guide managers in meeting core objectives.

It's all about communication.

   One of the biggest challenges for HR is getting managers and employees to communicate. GoalTender supports the process of performance assessment. You can establish milestones in the assessment process that both the manager and the employee must acknowledge take place. That way, before the end of an evaluation period, you will know if managers and employees have had those all-important face-to-face meetings in time to do something about it.
   GoalTender helps you there, too. You can prepare, and save for reuse, reminders in your own specific wording. Then, when you see that a reminder is needed, you can conveniently send it to selected people with just a click, right from GoalTender.

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