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No host or client installation or licenses

   It's browser-based and hosted on our secure systems. There is no impact on or investment in infrastructure on your part. You don't have to worry about client licenses or impact on your equipment. All users need is a browser and internet connectivity. For those who want to work on the road or from home, they can access the system from anywhere, and at any time... and that includes you, as administrator.
   Your users may be located in different sites, and may choose to use a variety of platforms, operating systems, and browsers. GoalTender handles them all.

Anywhere, anytime

   One of the biggest hassles of any system is scheduling. With GoalTender, your users can work at their own pace, so you don't have to coordinate - the system does that for you, leaving you to stay focused on managing supervisor and employee performance, instead of managing a computer system.


   What about physical security? GoalTender is housed in a state-of-the-art data center with 24-hour security monitoring. We use up-to-date virus protection, perform periodic vulnerability checks, and back up data daily. Servers are protected by industry-leading firewalls.

Fast setup

   Create users and configure your preferences yourself, or send us a spreadsheet of your organization, and we'll have you set up within 24 hours - no charge.

Pay as you go

   No need to worry about sunk cost. Anytime you feel that your return on investment is not being realized, you can simply choose to not renew. Our rates are the lowest in the industry, and since the system runs itself, you don't have any internal support costs.

No entrapment

   Our competitors want to capture you, so that if you ever want to change systems, you lose what you have done. Not with GoalTender. Its bulit-in report generator allows your users to create, download, store, and print reports. Your data is your data.

Money-back guarantee

   Use it for 30 days. If GoalTender doesn't meet your needs, we refund your money. It's that simple.