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Feature rich, but without confusion

   You've seen applications before that are loaded with features, but you spend all your time trying to find them, understand them, or sometimes avoid them. GoalTender has an amazing set of features that give you complete control over the look-and-feel, oversight of the system, management of the organization and ability to leverage the process... as much or as little as you wish.


Data security is a concern for a system that is hosted on a thrid party system. GoalTender resides in a state-of-the-art data center that is always monitored. The entire site is backed up daily, and all servers are protected by industry-leading firewalls.


Performance ratings are about as sensitive as data can get. Access to ratiings is protected by passwords, for the rater, the person being rated, and HR. GoalTender goes a step further. Sometimes, it is desirable for the rater to work on a future rating period, without yet allowing the employee to access the work in progress. GoalTender supports full control over access to ratings.

At times a rater may want to allow the employee to access, and even collaborate on the wording of goals and tasks, while restricting access to assessment fields. GoalTender supports whatever process your managers are most comfortable with, while respecting privacy.


It is often hard for managers to find time for ratings. With 24 x 7 access, GoalTender makes it convenient to work on assessments anytime, anywhere.

Report Generation

Printable reports may be generated on line in standard pdf form, which may be downloaded, archived, and printed. The configuration system supports inclusion of signature blocks for those organizations that wish to retain paper assessment documents on file.

Historical Record

When it is time to conduct a desk side review, GoalTender makes it easy to scroll back through previous periods, and review past as well as recent performance. When creating goas for the current period, previous goals are often continued. GoalTender makes it easy to copy and paste, not only maintaining consistency, but also saving time.