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Performance ratings are ineffective if they are passive

   GoalTender reduces the pressure on manager, employees, and the organization by providing a vehicle that creates a proactive relationship not only between the individuals, but across the organziation. Other performance measurement approaches typically end up being viewed as "report cards," and the process that generates them is tedious, time-consuming, and uncomfortable for participants. Human nature kicks in, and the result is vague, inflated reports that weaken manager credibility and benefit neither the employee nor the organization.

GoalTender is effective

   GoalTender is not just a report generator. It supports a process that brings managers and employees together, and guides their interaction under the mentorship and monitoring of HR staff.


For the Manger
 - reduces stress of goal setting by providing an organization-wide template with pre-defined
   fields to be filled in
 - provides a structure for conducting face-to-face meetings
 - keeps process on-track through reminders and evaluation milestones
 - allows manager and employee to effectively communicate and collaborate on setting goals
   and standards
 - supports measurable metrics and priorities

For the Employee
 - provides an the opportunithy to document both achievements and issues within a
   collaborative framework
 - establishes clear expectations and priorities
 - engages employee as a contributor to organizational objectives

For Human Resources
 - establishes a relationship between the manager and the organization as it documents
   measureable performance.
 - provides a consistent across-the-board format, taliored to your specific needs, to support
   organizational assessment
 - generates measurable metrics and quantifiable performance assessment
 - strengthens accountability with a historical record of performance
 - makes it easy to spot areas where assistance is needed
 - reinforces your role as a facilitator of leadership
 - gives you oversight, without overhead, so you can focus on core business needs