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GoalTender is Your System

   You want a system that conforms to the way you do things, rather than forcing you to conform to the way it does things. We provide samples to get you started, but ultimately you decide every aspect of the system. You choose the wording, the fields, the metrics, etc. You can generate a template and framework that ensures consistency across the organization while supporting managers as they describe things that are specific to their operations.

GoalTender provides for you to include a Guidance document where you can put the tool into context, set milestones, and describe the process in which GoalTender is used. You can provide a quick link to contact HR for assistance and support. You can even include your logo, so that GoalTender appears to your users as an in-house application, without the hassles and expense of in-house development and maintenance.

The screen shots below give you some idea of the flexibility available.