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   Why is GoalTender so affordable? We put a lot of effort into our development to make a system that makes it easy for you and us both to operate. That investment now pays off by allowing us to offer GoalTender at a rate that no one else can match. . A large client base assures our return on investment, which leads to a reduced rate, which leads to an expanded customer base... well, you get the idea.

Why not develop in-house?

There's a lot more to a system than developing form screens. There's help functions, input validation, management oversight, maintenance, cross-platform compatibility, useability, and so on to consider. But one overriding consideration is privacy. Do you really want someone in your IT staff to have access to everyone's performance assessments? This is one area where an off site, impartial third-party system makes sense, and reduces your exposure.

Are you a government organization?

Purchasing can be a hassle for government entities. We make it easy for you. GoalTender is available through the United States General Services Administration (GSA) under Schedule 70 Contract Solicitation FCIS-JB-980001-B to provide software and consulting services to the federal government. and other public sector agencies through the GSA Advantage!online ordering site. Contact us for details.