Custom Development Experience

When Siemens needed a system developed quickly to meet requirements for ISO 4000 Quality Assurance Certification, they called on Paradigm Systems. We assessed the existing process, designed a new automated database for IS personnel to manage the documents and perform associated functions, and then created an application which integrated with office automationfor users to search, cross-reference, display, print, and merge the documents themselves. The application was cited as a key feature in their successful certification.
When the California legislature granted $50 million to jump-start DNA laboratories in their efforts to reduce the backlog in unsolved crimes, a mechanism was required to track the cases, the expenditures, and the program. Paradigm Systmes was brought on board by the California Department of Jutice to quickly develop a process and application. We created a web-enabled database with complex access rights. The system was transaction-based, and records tracked progress of a sample through multiple steps. The law enforcement agencies could see the status of their cases, and management at a variety of levels could oversee productivity. The system included a complete billing and accounting function.
Activity Based Management System (ABMS) - For this multi-million dollar Oracle implementation for the California Department of General Services, the role of Paradigm Systems soon evolved from that of oversight to that of partner to the DGS Program Manager and sponsors. Paradigm's involvement included requirements analysis (we found over 200 errors), process analysis and documentation, system modeling and sizing, system architecture design, identification and development of interfaces to other agencies, internal and external communication, structured walk-throughs, development of testing software, performance monitoring and tuning, etc.
Executive Information System (EIS) - We were so successful with the ABMS project that DGS asked us to stay on and create an executive system that would perform intelligent forecasting and tracking, projections, and comparitive analysis. Completed under budget and under schedule, this project became a showpiece for the organization.
In order to prepare their managers for annual training, Bank of America needed a process and a tool that would allow the managers to assess where they stood in the eyes of their associates. Requirements were analyzed, the process was designed, and then the application was developed. The system has since been adopted by many other companies.

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