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There is no substitute for experience.
We share the State's frustration with vendors who propose more than they can deliver, who use the State's time and money to train new hires, and who cite the firm's experience but provide labor who have no experience. We provide highly qualified professionals, and that saves both you and us time and money in the long run.


Give us 3 days.
We will put together a proof-of-principle / prototype at no risk and no cost to you. Then decide if you want to hire us.

How can we afford to do that? Only because we never fail. We do in days what others do in months. We know that once you see the quality of our work, you'll want us on your team.

Now why do others insist on guaranteed payment (a signed contract) before they'll start any work? Think about it.


How good are we?
Good enough to win a National Award.
And we will be happy to provide you with references from your peers in California State Government.


Paradigm Systems can help.
We offer strong qualifications. Breadth as well as depth of understanding are essential. Our staff represent an extraordinary degree of maturity, experience, and expertise, positioned to deliver a comprehensive, timely solution to your needs.

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