CMAS - RFP / FSR Process

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The approval process is a minefield.
You have the idea, you have the funding. Now, how do you get approval? How do you write an RFP that will generate appropriate proposals? How do you satisfy the DOIT's requirements for Risk Assessment and Project Management?


Do you know what your RFP will look like to potential bidders?
We've seen a lot of RFP's, and every one is a challenge to figure out. Put to gether by a team, constrained by contractual mandates, and based on fragments from previous work, RFP's are often contradictory, confusing, and misleading. You understand your environment and what you want, but the bidders go by what you wrote, not what you thought you wrote. Get feedback before you send it out.


Want a successful RAM?
Go to the people that invented it!
The DOIT requires you to conduct a Risk Assessment Model. We are the ones that created it. Our work was good enough to win a National Award. But what's important to you is that we know how to get your project approved.


Paradigm Systems can help .
We offer strong qualifications. Breadth as well as depth of understanding are essential. Our staff represent an extraordinary degree of maturity, experience, and expertise, positioned to deliver a comprehensive, timely solution to your needs.


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