CMAS - Proposal Evaluation

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How sure are you that you and your contractor understand each other?
We have a lot of experience with State procurements, so we've seen it before: once the honeymoon is over, you will find that requirements that seemed to be clear have been misinterpreted. Performance and architectural issues that were never specified become critical during development.


What the proposal says may not be what you meant.
In a recent large project for a major State agency, we found 200 differences between what was in the RFP and what was in the proposal, although each party thought it was a perfect match. It's called Gap Analysis. To you it means saving money and time, and avoiding contract disputes.


You know what you want...
...but you and the contractor are coming at things from different perspectives. You each read different things between the lines. You need an advocate - someone who ensures that your goals are met.


Paradigm Systems can help.
We offer strong qualifications. Breadth as well as depth of understanding are essential. Our staff represent an extraordinary degree of maturity, experience, and expertise, positioned to deliver a comprehensive, timely solution to your needs.


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