CMAS - Project Planning

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How do you tackle a really big project?
You have a mandate, you have the funding.  Now what?  You have to organize, get approvals, develop a schedule, identify resources, define processes, acquire automation support 
                                     ... and the clock is ticking.


Stay focused.
You have the in-house talent and you know your business. Now you need someone to help you to develop a plan of action, track the execution, and provide programmatic support while you stay focused on objectives, resources, processes, and leadership.


We can help you to…
-  Manage and work on the project while juggling existing schedules and responsibilities
-  Set realistic timelines and goals
-  Develop and manage a project plan
-  Create flexibility and contingency plans to avoid crises
-  Keep teams mutually informed and supporting
-  Overcome resistance to change
-  Take decisive, immediate action when the project gets derailed or bogged down
-  Establish measurable, achievable milestones
-  Develop and track progress metrics
-  Evaluate the skills of the programmers
-  Leverage the project for long-term political and public gain
-  Meet State guidelines for project management


Let us help.
We offer strong qualifications. Breadth as well as depth of understanding are essential. Our staff represent an extraordinary degree of maturity, experience, and expertise, positioned to deliver a comprehensive, timely solution to your needs.


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